Tandem FAQs

Why The Army Parachute Association?

The Army Parachute Association works to the exceptionally high safety standards of the British Army as well as those of British Skydiving (Our governing body).  Our facilities cater for the tandem student and also their supporters and have a spectator area very close to the tandem landing area.


We are in central Wiltshire, approximately 11 miles west of Salisbury. Click Here to find out more.  There is ample free parking at the Army Parachute Association.


2023 Rates

A non-refundable deposit of £50 is required at the time of booking.  We accept most major credit and debit cards and payment can be made on-line or by telephone. The balance is required at check-in, prior to your skydive.

Tandem Skydive £235
Groups of 10+ £225 per tandem
DVD & Photographs £130

Also see our voucher packages!

Age Limits?

The minimum age for skydiving is 16 with parental consent. There is no upper age limit for tandem students although everyone will need to read thoroughly the Tandem Certificate of Medical Fitness (you can now self certify if fit and healty).  This can be found and downloaded from our Forms Page.


Anyone who is of a reasonable standard of fitness, weighs no more than 16 stone or 102kg and who is at least 16 years old can take part in a tandem skydive. The Tandem Declaration of Medical Fitness can be downloaded from the Forms Page. Students can self-certify if fit and healthy or signed by a doctor if any pre-existing medical conditions require it.  Everyone planning a tandem skydive must complete this form.

We can also cater for people with a range of disabilities. This is done on a case by case basis after consultation with our Chief Instructor.

Is it safe?

Skydiving is an extremely well regulated sport. All the instructors are very experienced and hold British Skydiving (BS) qualifications. The equipment used is the best available and is maintained to very high standards. The aircraft used operate under Civil Aviation Authority regulations. Skydiving will only take place when the weather conditions are suitable.

Scared of heights?

Lots of people who say they have a fear of heights quite happily jump out of a plane every year. Skydiving is nothing like standing on the edge of a tall building and looking down; anyone would feel nervous in that situation! When you are in the aircraft you are firmly attached to a Tandem Instructor giving you all the security you need.

How long will it take?

Your tandem skydive takes place at a vibrant parachute club that is also an Armed Forces Charity!  Our aim is always to get you jumped as soon as we can but we ask all participants to be prepared to spend the whole day at the parachute centre. Whilst we make every effort to get you in and out in under 4 hours, many factors affect the speed of our parachute programme. Delays can be caused by the weather - even on a beautiful day, we can have high winds and need to wait for these to drop - unexpected delays, large groups wishing to jump together and camera uptake all have an effect.  We aim to make your experience a really good one, but only if it's safe to do so. Safety always comes first. So bring some entertainment and suncream for the sunny days and utilise our free wifi and a cafe to pass the time.  There's always something going on!

Bad weather?

Safety is our main concern and we will not jump if weather conditions make your skydive unsafe.  British weather is very changeable and we constantly monitor it. If ground winds become too high, or cloud cover becomes too thick, we may have to halt our jumping programme. This may delay your jump.

Our chief instructor and DZ control check the forecast a day in advance of jumping and if the conditions look unsuitable we will aim to contact you and advise you to change your arrival time or reschedule for another day. So check your emails and voicemail.


Five million pounds worth of third party insurance is included in your first jump with the Army Parachute Association. Personal insurance is not compulsory but many jumpers do take out some protection, and we would always advise this as a precaution. To find out more you can contact Skydiving Cover. Click on this link to visit their website https://www.skydivingcover.com/?ref=Netheravon

Can I use my own gopro camera?

British Skydiving regulations state that camera equipment may not be carried by students doing a tandem jump. This is due to safety as we do not want a piece of camera equipment damaging the parachute. 

If you wish your jump to be filmed, you may book one of our trained camera flyers who will capture every moment of your jump from start to finish.

Glasses, Contact Lenses or Dentures?

We have goggles that fit over glasses and also for contact lens wearers. If you wear dentures, or anything else that could become dislodged while in freefall, have a chat with your instructor about it before you jump.

How high?

For a Tandem skydive the maximum height you will be jumping from is 13000ft.


We use only modern 'square' parachutes at Skydive Netheravon and this type of parachute allows excellent control! On a tandem skydive you and your instructor will land your 'parachute built for two' together on our grass landing area.

Jumping with friends?

We pride ourselves at Skydive Netheravon in accommodating groups. We have large aircraft and lots of instructional staff and can usually accommodate your wishes to jump as a group. However, there are numerous loading factors that will affect how many people can go in the plane at the same time so please call us if you want to jump as a group and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.

Spectators are also welcome, their details need to be included on the Netheravon Guest Pro Forma which can be downloaded from our forms page or found in our confirmation pack. This must be completed and emailed over to our office before your skydive. Don't forget to bring photo ID for all people aged 16 and over.

Pictures taken of my jump?

Our highly experienced camera flyers are available at the drop zone and we can arrange for your Tandem skydive to be filmed for an additional fee of £130. Pre-booking your camera flyer is reccommended as there are limited camera slots on the day, you may miss out on having this memorable experience recorded.


Getting there?

In order to enter Airfield Camp Netheravon, you need to download and complete the Netheravon Guest Proforma and bring it with you on the day of your jump. You can find this on our Forms Page. When you arrive at the camp, you will need to book in at the guard room, hand in your Guest Proforma and show photo ID (a picture driving licence or passport will be fine) for each person aged 16 or over in your party.


We have a brand new bunkhouse that is bookable for visitors at £5 per night, you need to bring pillow and sleeping bag; and a free campsite that is located close to a shower/toilet block. Campervans/motorhomes are also allowed. Information about local accommodation can be found at the Salisbury and Stonehenge tourist information website: www.visitwiltshire.co.uk and select 'Amesbury Stonehenge' to find accommodation local to the drop zone.

Opening hours?

We operate on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays from 8am until dusk and Wednesdays and Fridays afternoons from 12:00 until last light throughout the year. Exact dates are on the web site.


Cafe facilities are available providing hot and cold drinks and meals during opening hours.  There is a licensed bar for members


Under MoD rules, regrettably visitors dogs are not permitted on the airfield.


Trainers, or other securely attached footwear, and comfortable clothing is ideal. Please avoid boots with hooks. We do provide jumpsuits although these are not always necessary in warmer weather. Bear in mind you may get a bit damp on landing so don't wear your Sunday best!

Alcohol and Drugs?

The consumption of alcohol is prohibited prior to jumping and alcohol may not be consumed on the airfield until you have completed your tandem skydive. Anyone suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused their jump and will forfeit any monies paid.


Once you have been trained if bad weather prevents you from jumping please speak to our staff to rebook your jump for another day. Before you turn up you may find it helpful to check the weather forecast, we would suggest the Met Office site.


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  • “I had a truly awesome experience yesterday, in every way.  I was absolutely terrified but felt totally invincible afterwards and I even fell in love with your cameraman, Mike!  Cam was lovely too and if I decide to do it again it would have to be with him.  It was all very professional, from start to finish. They were a great bunch and I will recommend this to anyone and everyone.  I jumped for the MS Trust and secured £723 in sponsorship so far with promises of more to come.  It is great to feel alive again.”

    Claire Gillett

  • “First ever tandem skydive for worthing churches homeless project today, loved it. Special thanks to my instructor Jay and the cameraman trevor who both made me laugh a lot and really relaxed me! definately want to jump again Thanks guys for a great day!”

    Louise Kidd

  • "First charity tandem skydive done here last Saturday. Despite being extremely scared, the instructors made me feel completely at ease and in safe hands. Highly recommend anyone doing a jump, to do it here. Would definitely consider doing another skydive off the back of this experience despite my fear of heights and flying. Brilliant day and life experience. Thank you."

    Abi Harley

  • "First ever tandem skydive....amazing!!! Massive thank you to my instructor Gary u were fab!!!"

    Michelle Fortet

  • "Amazing Day, looked after from start to finish, great people, very friendly, relaxed atmosphere, Pete my tandem partner.. TOP BLOKE he was very professional and experienced. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this to anyone."

    Michael Taylor

  • "Wow first ever tandem skydive today for oakhaven. Raised over £1000, so thank you all ... with my daughter Leah lopez, amazing surreal, nothing else like it. Thank you to Gary and Jay...... Leah now wants to do more and do a single jump!! Eeek!"

    Becky Evans