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What's your path?

 There are 3 ways you can start your journey into the world of skydiving.  You can start with a Tandem Skydive, an AFF course or a First Jump Course.

The information below will show you the different routes you can take to becoming a licenced parachutist.

Step 1

Option 1

Tandem Skydive

Tandem skydives can be a great introduction to the world of parachuting.

Option 2

Accelerated Free Fall Course (AFF)

An intensive course of 8 "levels" which can be completed in as much time as you can give to it and of course the weather condistions. So it can be done in as little as a week providing conditions are favourable or over a course of time. Jumps take place from up to 13,000ft. Level one of this course can be done as a "one off" experience or you can commit to the complete course.

Option 3

First Jump Course

A 2 day course culminating in a static line parachute descent from approx. 3,500ft. This course can be done as a "one off" experience or you can progress onto the Category System to gain your skydiving licence over a few weeks or months, as your time and the weather dictates.

Step 2

Consolidation Jumps

After completeing level 8 of the AFF Course, you make 10 "consolidation" jumps to practice all your new skills. You are mentored by instructors throughout.


The Category System

You complete the 8 categories of the system learning new skills with each level. This is a pay per jump course and can be done to suit your own timescale. (Once you have obtained category 5 you may transfer to AFF level 3 if you wish).

Step 3

A Licence

Your are now a qualified A Licence Skydiver - Congratulations. An A Licence qualifies you to skydive solo from maximum altitude and to continue with more advanced training.

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Licence Chart

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