Why The Army Parachute Association?

The Army Parachute Association works to the exceptionally high safety standards of the British Army as well as those of the British Parachute Association.  Our facilities cater for for the tandem student and also their supporters and have a spectator area very close to the tandem landing area.


We are in central Wiltshire, not far from Salisbury. Click Here to find out more


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Age, weight, fitness & medical forms?

The minimum age for skydiving is 16 with parental consent. For AFF the maximum age is 55.  Anyone who is of a reasonable standard of fitness, who weighs no more than 14 stone / 89kg can take part in an Accelerated Freefall Course.  The exact medical requirements are listed on the Solo Declaration of Fitness form which can be found on our "Forms" page.  Everyone must complete a medical declaration (also found on our Forms page.

Level One Only?

Yes, you can do the first level as a "stand alone" course.  Go to our Prices page for details.

Training Time

A minimum of six hours of ground school followed by jumps that day, these are weather dependant.

Jump Height?

You will jump from approximately 13000ft.

Is it safe?

Skydiving is an extremely well regulated sport. All the instructors are very experienced and hold British Skydiving (BS) formerly the British Parachute Association (BPA) qualifications. The equipment used is the best available and is maintained to very high standards. The aircraft used operate under Civil Aviation Authority regulations. Skydiving will only take place when the weather conditions are suitable.


We use only modern 'square' parachutes at Skydive Netheravon and this type of parachute allows excellent manoeuvrability and controlled landings!

Scared of heights?

Lots of people who say they have a fear of heights quite happily jump out of a plane every year. Skydiving is nothing like standing on the edge of a tall building and looking down; anyone would feel nervous in that situation!


Five million pound's worth of third party insurance is included in your first jump with the Army Parachute Association. If you wish to purchase additional personal medical cover we would suggest www.sky-cover.co.uk. If you wish to cotinue to learn to skydive after your first jump, you will need to join British Skydiving (BS) formerly the British Parachute Association (BPA) which will give you 3rd party insurance as well as many other benefits.

Breathing In Freefall?

Absolutely! Relax and breathe normally, it's just air up there!

Trained A Few Months Ago?

You will need some refresher training depending on how long you have left it and depending on how much training the instructor feels you need to be able to carry on with the training safely.

Refresher Training?

You will need a refresher training session before the first jump of every day during the AFF course.

Trained At A Different Dropzone

Yes, however we will need to carry out some refresher training to ensure that you have been taught everything that our students get taught and are familiar with our drop zone and safety rules.

Bringing Guests?

Guests are welcome.  You will need to complete a Guest Proforma which can be found on our Forms page.  Don't forget that photo ID for all people aged 16 and over, including guests, is required.

Why different prices for military and civilian?

The Army Parachute Association's objectives are to promote sports parachuting for military personnel and as such provide discounted facilities for these members. Prices for civilian jumpers reflect the actual costs and are the same, if not a little cheaper than many other drop zones in the UK.


We are in central Wiltshire, not far from Salisbury. Click Here to find out more

Staying Overnight?

We have a campsite that is located behind the shower/toilet block. Campervans/motorhomes are also allowed. Information about local accommodation can be found at the Salisbury and Stonehenge tourist information website: www.visitwiltshire.co.uk and select 'Amesbury Stonehenge' to find accommodation local to the drop zone.

Opening Hours?

We operate on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays from 8am until dusk and Wednesdays and Fridays afternoons from 12:00 until last light throughout the year.


Cafe facilities are available providing hot and cold drinks and meals day and evenings.


Under MoD rules, regrettably visitors dogs are not permitted on the airfield.

Jumping With Friends?

We can't guarantee that you will be on the same aircraft as your friendsthis as depends on many aircraft loading factors, but if you ask when you check in at the parachute centre, we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.


Trainers, or other securely attached footwear, and comfortable clothing is ideal. Please avoid boots with hooks. We do provide jumpsuits although these are not always necessary in warmer weather. Bear in mind you may get a bit damp on landing so don't wear your Sunday best!

Alcohol and Drugs

The consumption of alcohol is prohibited prior to jumping and alcohol may not be consumed on the airfield until you have completed your tandem skydive. Anyone suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused their jump and will forfeit any monies paid.


Once you have been trained if bad weather prevents you from jumping please speak to our staff to rebook your jump for another day. Before you turn up you may find it helpful to check the weather forecast, we would suggest the Met Office site.

I Love It So Much I Want To Carry On?

You have a choice of 2 training systems: Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) and The Category System.

  • "I did 3 tandems before signing up for AFF and I have never looked back.  Now I am learning to “FreeFly” with some of the most amazing coaches at the Army Parachute Association."

    Jeannine Cook

  • "I learnt to skydive on an AFF course. It's by far the best thing I've done. Since passing my AFF I've now done 920 jumps. I've competed at national level winning gold last year, gained qualifications and coach ratings and made friends that can't be matched.

    Couldn't recommend this sport any higher to anyone interested in taking it up"

    Blue skies! – Jase Hughes

  • "I completed AFF with the Army Parachute Association and have since gone on to qualify and achieve my B licence.  I have organised a number of groups who have completed the Category System, AFF1 (and the occasional tandem) with the APA whilst raising thousands of pounds for various charities.  Not only does Netheravon have the largest safe landing area in Europe, with expert and friendly staff and top class equipment, but the social scene is second to none"

    Gav Topley