Wingsuit Flying - Taking Life to the Extreme

Wingsuiting at Netheravon

Wingsuit Flying is one of the fastest growing disciplines within skydiving.

In 2015 the Army Parachute Association here at Skydive Netheravon hosted the first FAI World Cup, making history as the first Skydive centre to host a World Meet in the UK

The Army Parachute Association has World medalists within its ranks who also hold current FAI/IPC World Records for Wingsuit Performance Flying.

For skydivers who have done over 200 jumps there is a chance to start a new and extreme adventure, that of Wingsuiting! 

See some of our recent U-Tube footage to get an idea of just how awesome this sport really is. The anticipation, exhilaration and sense of adventure for those who eventually take up the extreme sport of Wingsuiting, is beyond doubt phenomenal! This sport really does have it all!


  • World Series Winners

    Wingsuiting Performance Competition FAI status has attracted huge anticipation amongst not only the Wingsuiting fraternity, but the skydiving industry as whole – a truly great achievement for the sport, and another badge of honour for extreme sports enthusiasts

World Wingsuit Cup 2015