Film and Media

The Army Parachute Association has long been a ‘one stop shop’ for national media and televisions crews needing the very best environment to film their Skydive related media.

With outstanding facilities the APA team are on hand to assist any Film and Media television crews in getting the right footage, both on the ground and in the air!

The Army Parachute Associations' long history has helped organisations including the BBC, Channel 4, ITV and Discovery successfully gain the footage they need to produce high end television media. Boasting use of the largest Skydiving Hangar in the UK, the APA can provide the room, space and extensive indoor/outdoor filming platform for even the largest of crews. With TWO based Cessna Caravan Blackhawk Aircraft and expert freefall photographers, every aspect of the Skydiving Experience can be caught on camera, even with the facility (within reason and legality) to mount camera crew’s technology within the aircraft.                     

First Time Jumper To Overcome Fear Of Skydiving For Military Charities

Forces Skydivers Show Off Parachute Skills Over Wiltshire


Discovery Science VR Skydive

Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls testing the new Land Rover Discovery

Bear Grylls

The Human Firework - The One Show 

James May's Action Man at the Speed of Sound

Ann Robinson - BBC Personal Finances Documentary

888 Online Poker - Christmas Advert

Sealed Air Europe - Will it Break

Media Relations Team


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  • “I had a truly awesome experience yesterday, in every way.  I was absolutely terrified but felt totally invincible afterwards and I even fell in love with your cameraman, Mike!  Cam was lovely too and if I decide to do it again it would have to be with him.  It was all very professional, from start to finish. They were a great bunch and I will recommend this to anyone and everyone.  I jumped for the MS Trust and secured £723 in sponsorship so far with promises of more to come.  It is great to feel alive again.”

    Claire Gillett

  • “First ever tandem skydive for worthing churches homeless project today, loved it. Special thanks to my instructor Jay and the cameraman trevor who both made me laugh a lot and really relaxed me! definately want to jump again Thanks guys for a great day!”

    Louise Kidd

  • "First charity tandem skydive done here last Saturday. Despite being extremely scared, the instructors made me feel completely at ease and in safe hands. Highly recommend anyone doing a jump, to do it here. Would definitely consider doing another skydive off the back of this experience despite my fear of heights and flying. Brilliant day and life experience. Thank you."

    Abi Harley

  • "First ever tandem skydive....amazing!!! Massive thank you to my instructor Gary u were fab!!!"

    Michelle Fortet

  • "Amazing Day, looked after from start to finish, great people, very friendly, relaxed atmosphere, Pete my tandem partner.. TOP BLOKE he was very professional and experienced. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this to anyone."

    Michael Taylor

  • "Wow first ever tandem skydive today for oakhaven. Raised over £1000, so thank you all ... with my daughter Leah lopez, amazing surreal, nothing else like it. Thank you to Gary and Jay...... Leah now wants to do more and do a single jump!! Eeek!"

    Becky Evans