First Jump Course

Jump from 3,500 ft with a parachute specially designed to open automatically as you leave the aircraft.  Steer your own parachute and land safely on the largest parachute landing area in the UK.  Know you are in safe hands and being trained by top Army Parachute Association instructors.

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  • "I did 3 tandems before signing up for AFF and I have never looked back.  Now I am learning to “FreeFly” with some of the most amazing coaches at the Army Parachute Association."

    Jeannine Cook

  • "I learnt to skydive on an AFF course. It's by far the best thing I've done. Since passing my AFF I've now done 920 jumps. I've competed at national level winning gold last year, gained qualifications and coach ratings and made friends that can't be matched.

    Couldn't recommend this sport any higher to anyone interested in taking it up"

    Blue skies! – Jase Hughes

  • "I completed AFF with the Army Parachute Association and have since gone on to qualify and achieve my B licence.  I have organised a number of groups who have completed the Category System, AFF1 (and the occasional tandem) with the APA whilst raising thousands of pounds for various charities.  Not only does Netheravon have the largest safe landing area in Europe, with expert and friendly staff and top class equipment, but the social scene is second to none"

    Gav Topley

You First Jump Course Journey

Training: Your instructors take you through absolutely everythng you need to know: how to put on the equipement, how it works, how to exit the aircraft, how to steer your parachute and how to land safely.  This is usually completed on day one of your course.  

Taking Off:  You enplane with all your classmates.  Your instructor makes sure you are all ready for your skydive. The aircraft takes off and climbs to 3,500ft.

Running In:  The aircraft is flying in exactly the right place for you to exit safely and land back at the drop zone.  The door opens, your instructor calls you forward and it's time to jump!

Exit: There's no turning back.  Your training kicks in as you leave the aircraft.

Under Canopy:  Your parachute opens and you steer  back to the landing area.

Landing:  Remember all your training - It's a Tip Toe Landing!  Well Done.

If you want to continue to learn to skydive you can progress through the category system or transfer to AFF.