Accelerated Free Fall

The Fastest way to gain your Skydiver Qualification

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) is one of the fastest ways to gain your skydiving certification: as the name suggests, this is an "accelerated" training method. 

Start with AFF Level 1 with a series of ground training sessions all completed in one day with your first jump on the following day.  However, to enable you to obtain your skydiving licence you need to complete all eight levels (pay level by level) which consist of Instructor accompanied skydives and comprehensive de-briefs culminating in your licence to carry out solo skydives. It can be done in as short a time as 5 days (in good weather) or over several weeks or months, depending on the time you can give to it.

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If you have already completed a course and still need to do your first jump, or subsequent jumps, please turn up on any of our ‘jumping’ days to continue with your training. There is no need to book, just get to us for our student refresher times; 12:30 Wednesday and Fridays, 08:30 Saturdays and Sundays. You will then be looked after by an AFF instructor.  Do check what the weather is doing before you come though as this may effect your jump!

Prices and Booking

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  • "I did 3 tandems before signing up for AFF and I have never looked back.  Now I am learning to “FreeFly” with some of the most amazing coaches at the Army Parachute Association."

    Jeannine Cook

  • "I learnt to skydive on an AFF course. It's by far the best thing I've done. Since passing my AFF I've now done 920 jumps. I've competed at national level winning gold last year, gained qualifications and coach ratings and made friends that can't be matched.

    Couldn't recommend this sport any higher to anyone interested in taking it up"

    Blue skies! – Jase Hughes

  • "I completed AFF with the Army Parachute Association and have since gone on to qualify and achieve my B licence.  I have organised a number of groups who have completed the Category System, AFF1 (and the occasional tandem) with the APA whilst raising thousands of pounds for various charities.  Not only does Netheravon have the largest safe landing area in Europe, with expert and friendly staff and top class equipment, but the social scene is second to none"

    Gav Topley

Your AFF Journey

Initial training is intense and thorough.  After at least 6 hours of training you will be totally confident and eager to complete your first jump.

Level 1    Two instructors hold firmly onto you as you exit the aircraft from maximum altitude.  You  carry out all your drills and deploy your parachute.  After the rush of free fall, your canopy handling training kicks in and you steer your parachute safely back to the dropzone.

Levels 2 & 3    Your training continues with 2 instructors and new skills being learned with each jump.

Levels 4, 5, 6 & 7    With one instructor you learn turns, tracking, back loops and other skills and are assessed on them all.

Level 8    A solo jump from 5000ft. You have now completed the AFF course.

Consolidation Jumps    Ten “consolidation” jumps to practice all your new skills. You pay for each jump by loading money on to your Burble account (see our prices page).  You are mentored all the way by your instructors. 

Canopy Training level 1 (CT1)    A briefing and test on canopy skills

You now have a world recognised British Skydiving A-Licence , qualified to skydive solo from maximum altitude and to continue with more advanced training

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